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Conservation District


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Download Conservation District Work Review Form
Download M-Streets Conservation District Ordinance

The M-Streets Conservation District guidelines are administered through the City of Dallas, not the Greenland Hills Neighborhood Association.  For information about obtaining a Conservation District Work Review Form, please contact the City of Dallas Building Inspection Department at 214-948-4480.

If you're like us, you moved to the M-Streets because you fell in love with the neighborhood-the tree-lined streets, the charming architecture, and the old-fashioned feel. In the late 1990's and early 2000's we were losing many of our Tudor and Craftsman homes to wrecking balls and bulldozers. In their place, huge suburban-type houses were being built. With their incompatible architecture, these large homes were not only dwarfing the homes around them, but were destroying the architectural continuity of our neighborhood.

Thanks to Angela Hunt, Paul Sims, and a host of other neighbors, a committee was put together to form the M-Streets Conservation District. In 2002, after many months of hard work, community meetings, and housing surveys, Greenland Hills became the 9th conservation district in the City of Dallas. It stopped the destruction of many of our prized homes and paved the way for thoughtful new construction that blends in beautifully with the original homes in the neighborhood.

All new construction and exterior remodeling undertaken in the district must now adhere to the conservation district guidlines. This means you must get a Conservation District Permit from the City Department of Development Services before starting any exterior renovations or work on your home, in addition to any building permits that may be required. Even if your work is appropriate and meets the conservation district guidelines, you must still get a Conservation District Permit and display it in a front window of your home while the work is taking place. There are penalties assessed if you do not have the proper permits in place.

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